Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations

If you decided to have a traditional Christmas tree decorations this year check out this video. Idea for Tree decorations in traditional tone for Christmas is that you do it by yourself. Here you can see how to wrap traditional Christmas tree lights around your tree. You can also decorate your tree by placing a grape vines, berries, bows and ribbons!

Working from top to bottom or bottom to top wrap your lights around. Make sure to wrap all the main branches with Christmas lights as well. Keep the strings of lights around your shoulder as you walk around the tree. That will prevent the lights from tangling. You will need around the 100 lights per foot. If you have 8 feet to decorate than you need 8 boxes of 100 count lights. Calculate for yourself by measuring around your Christmas tree. If you can, pick traditional Christmas tree lights with green wire because this looks best on the real tree.

You can also wrap the grape vine around your tree and make him look even more traditional. Secure the grape vine with the little berry wires. You can buy grape vines at your local craft store. They sell them in wreath form and all you need to do is unwind them. You might need the help with that part so ask your love ones to join you at this special evening and decorate your Christmas tree together.

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations

To the top of your traditional Christmas tree you can add wire sprigs that look like Marion Berries. Other picks and greens may also be addition to your tree. For a tree topper you can use glass Christmas tree decorations such as birds or any other Christmas glass ornaments.

Next things you may add are garlands and ribbons. You can make a little bows from golden wire ribbon and let them rest on top of the branches. You can also consider to put some traditional wooden Christmas tree decorations as they will look nice in this combination. Red green and gold will be awesome traditional looking color theme for your Christmas tree.

Tips & Tricks for Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations

Tip: Place your bigger balls and ornaments at the bottom of your tree. That way you will fill out all the gaps between the branches. Place them at all depths. Smaller bulbs are at the top of your tree. The order from top to bottom should be, small, medium, large. You can hang bulbs with hooks as well as ribbon. Offset all “like” balls if you want your tree to look uniformed. After you placed the the bulbs you can put some meaningful ornaments such as lighted candles, Santa’s, Deer figures, little snowman or a Christmas stockings etc.

Final words: bulbs should always hang of branches and you can also mix your expensive Christal ornaments with some cheap ones from Walmart. It takes time to build your favorite Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations collection. Traditional Christmas tree decorating ideas are endless and you can just let your imagination free.

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