Outdoor Christmas Decorations


Lighted outdoor Christmas decorations are guaranteed to add festive life to any household, and injecting a boost of festive spirit into the whole neighborhood. There are so many outdoor christmas decorating ideas which unfortunately can come across as a little pricey, there is always a DIY solution for those on a strict budget. DIY outdoor Christmas decorations are easy to make and you will no doubt find endless supplies around the house.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Original Handmade Bottle Lights

Using old glass bottles is a great way to create DIY outdoor Christmas decorations which are fun light holders for your front lawn. The best bit about bottle lights is that they don’t need to be the same, having different bottles will create a unique and quirky look. These bottles, once cleaned and glammed up for Christmas can later serve as lights for the lawn or driveway. To ensure the bottles are in theme with the seasonal time of year, look for red, green and white bottles to use.

Firstly, you will need to clean the bottles both inside and out. To remove any labels, submerge them in warm soapy water overnight. This will allow for the labels to peel of naturally without leaving any sticky residue. It’s recommended to use a bottle brush to clean the inside of the bottles. Once your bottles are all clean (and odor free!), get hold of some waterproof Christmas lights and fill each bottle. Why don’t you try arrange the bottles up your driveway to illuminate the ground, or perhaps use them as charming accents within planted areas of your garden.

Bundles or Ball of Light

Impress family and friends with some well-thought lighting. Christmas balls of LED lights give off a whimsical feel to your garden or yard. Making these fabulous and festive glowing balls requires the use of some chicken wire, wire cutters/nippers, LED Christmas lights and gloves for safety. make sure if you are working on these with young children, that they are mindful of the wire and cutters.

Take the chicken wire and simply shape it into a ball. Make sure you wear suitable gloves while doing this, as the wire can be sharp and cause small unwanted cuts. Using the wire cutters, cut or bend the ends securely so no sharp edges are sticking out. Slowly and carefully weave the LED lights into the ball of wire, making sure that you cover all areas. Remember you must place the plug to the lights in an easily and accessible area.

Christmas Yard Decorations

Did you know Christmas trees aren’t just meant for inside the home? They can also look just as amazing outside too. This doesn’t mean you need to go ahead and plant an actual Christmas tree in your yard, however, you can dress up a tree of a different sort. By placing LED fairy lights onto a tree outside is certain to add to the festive charm of your outdoor decorations.

Using the chicken wire as mentioned earlier, you could also create the shape of a small Christmas tree. By wrapping LED lights around the wire frame, you have instantly and cheaply made yourself a garden decoration for the fraction of the cost of purchasing a pre made wireframe light decoration. Why not give it a go? It’s easier than you may think.

As you can see, Christmas decorations lights don’t need to be expensive to be beautiful. DIY outdoor Christmas decorations projects like these can be fun for the whole family and also teaches children how to build and become resourceful around the home. Gathering the family to complete a project such as these Christmas decorations inadvertently saves time and energy on your part. Why not make DIY outdoor Christmas decorations a new family tradition during the holiday period?