Lighted Outdoor Christmas Decorations


Great post explaining how to do lighted outdoor Christmas decorations at home. Enjoy with your family this Christmas by making this wonderful homemade outdoor Christmas decorations.

Unique lighted Christmas balls will be a fantastic and fun way to make your front or back yard sparkle for this Christmas.

Grab yourself some chicken wire, pliers and Lighted LED Christmas lights and you are ready to go.
Surprise everybody with unique lighted outdoor Christmas decorations this Year!

If you not sure how to do it, check out this video on how to do lighted outdoor Christmas decorations in a form of lighted Christmas balls:

The more unique outdoor decoration for Christmas, the more sought after it is, and in recent years outdoor Christmas decor has become a contest of bigger and brighter.  Some of the best shows, in fact, are the ones that make some of their outdoor Christmas decor.

Lighted LED Christmas lights are very popular decorations and are relatively easy to construct.

Making crafts with Christmas lights can bring families together during the holiday season, and creating these lighted Christmas balls would make for a great family project.

Once the sphere is bright, hang smaller balls from trees with clips or zip ties, and place large lighted balls on the ground. These homemade outdoor Christmas decorations look great anywhere, so create many to brighten up the entire yard.

By coupling Christmas lights with chicken wire, you can make an outdoor yard decoration that exudes an elegant look for any yardscape.

Large outdoor Christmas decorations are a staple to the Chicago Botanical Gardens light display each year.


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