DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations


DIY outdoor Christmas decorations can save you from buying Christmas decorations and lights every year and spending your hard-earned money on the same things over and over again. Beside that with little imagination and good will, it can be fun to make your own and unique Christmas decor.

Depending on how much time you have to spent on decorating your house you can quickly decorate your outdoor space with simple and yet intriguing, Christmas yard decorations.

For example you can find some old vase and put the candles in it, wrap everything with the garland and just set it on your front porch.

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations Video:

Cheap outdoor Christmas decorations doesn’t mean to be looking poorly. Games of lights and shadows can turn any candle or Christmas light into a wonderful sensation in the eye of the viewer.

One of the easy outdoor Christmas decorations can be made by wrapping the Christmas lights around your front porch, fence or the little tree you keep in the jar during the whole year, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a Christmas tree.

Homemade outdoor Christmas decorations are always great way to decorate your house for holidays, and after you are done you get that special feeling of joy and satisfaction because you know that you did this all by yourself. When some of your guests and neighbors commend your Christmas decorations, and be sure that they will, happiness is guaranteed.

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Picture curated from: http://ionwkathy.tumblr.com/post/70661482086/vintagehomeca-via-vickys-home

DIY outdoor Christmas decorations Pinterest

For Christmas decorations Pinterest can be your one-stop destination. Really, this  is a resource of unbelievable amount of large outdoor Christmas decorations, ideas and pictures that you simply can’t find anywhere else. If you didn’t check this yet, now is the time to do it. Bellow are two interesting links for  great ideas on Pinterest

See Pinterest Board: Sparkling Christmas Lights

Another interesting Pinterest Board: Christmas Window Decorations

Or, you can type some keywords in the Google search box, like for example:

Pinterest Christmas Decor, Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations, or Christmas Decor Pinterest.

You will be overwhelmed with the results and amount of websites and blogs that are writing about that.
Christmas decorations on Pinterest is a wonderful way for you to discover new ideas, combine them and make your own variations with the things that are available to you.

Christmas Outdoor Decorations

DIY Christmas Porch Ideas

See full story on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/342625484126052017/

DIY Outdoor Lawn Christmas Decorations

Exterior Christmas decorations can be a real challenge if you don’t have a good idea that you can start with.
Outdoor lawn Christmas decorations are nice solution to cover the large area around your house. Those kinds of decorations can be seen from a far distance and sure they are creating an inviting atmosphere to your home.

Pictures source: Pinterest

Imagine yourself coming home after work and entering in your own paradise sparkling with Christmas lights and decorations, spreading the true Christmas spirit all around your house.
DIY Christmas outdoor decorations can be done for that challenge very easily.

With some empty cardboard boxes and colored ribbons you can wrap giant Christmas presents and lay them out. Your unique lawn Christmas decorations are done.

Wrap the borders of your lawn with long  LED Christmas lights and make a pool of light in front of your house.

From chicken wire make a simple construction in a form of a Christmas tree and wrap the lights around it and you just make beautiful lighted lawn Christmas decorations.

From a cardboard, cut the silhouette of a Deer, Santa or some other Christmas character and put it in your lawn to keep the house and salute every guest to your home.

From the fitness ball you can make gigantic colorful Christmas ball that will welcome everybody around. These are just some of the suggestions and we just scratch the surface. DIY christmas outdoor decorations is an endless theme. Let your imagination free and have fun.

Christmas Ornaments Sale

If you simply don’t have a time to make Christmas decorations by yourself, you can always check out what is available on sale. The best resource for Christmas ornaments sale is a Macy’s online store.

Macy’s offer a great selection of vintage Christmas ornaments for sale, Christmas tree ornaments sale and even glass Christmas ornaments.

If you are a strong individual or you just simply want to surprise your love ones  you can check for personalized Christmas ornaments. They are available trough many online stores and all you need to do is just once again, use the Google for it. Here are some suggestions: Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Elegant Christmas Decorations

If you like elegant Christmas decorations than you already have a guiding idea about decorating your home for Christmas. The great help in making elegant home decor can be in finding the right decorations which will be blended in with your home furniture. Large variety of elegant Christmas ornaments can be found online and also you can make some of your own like we mentioned earlier in this post. Check out some of the elegant Christmas decorating ideas and pick the ones that are the closest to your lifestyle. Elegant Christmas Ornaments

Elegant Christmas Trees

Outdoor Elegant Christmas Decorating Ideas

Get inspired with these pictures of elegant Christmas decor and make a holiday heaven out of your home this year!

Storing Christmas Lights

If you have trouble every year and you are buying  a new Christmas lights only because you didn’t store them properly last year, these little tricks can help you in a great way.

Here are some tips on how to store Christmas lights.

The best way to store Christmas lights is using the coat hanger. To keep them from getting tangled, all you need to do is to wrap the Christmas lights around a hanger.

Best way to store Christmas lights

Another great way of how to store Christmas lights is by using paper towel roll or flat cardboard.

How to store Christmas lights

Cut the slits in each end of the cardboard and then slip the ends of the wire through it. This should  keep the wire in  place.

You can also just separate each of the separate strings and put them in the separate grocery bags. Stick a post-it on the bags and label them like, Twinkling Christmas Lights or Exterior Christmas Lights . That way you will know exactly what is inside.

Storing Christmas Decorations

If you want to protect and store your unique Christmas decorations for next year, here are some advises and ideas for you.

The best way to store Christmas decorations is to keep them separated. There is a many ways to do that. You can keep them in the original package if its appropriate, or you can make some containers on your own. For smaller Christmas ornaments you can use the eggs container. Large cardboard boxes can also come in handy  to put the ornaments in. Wrap each ornament  with old newspapers and put them in. You can also use big plastic containers for tools or fishing.
Check out this awesome Martha Stewart DIY idea on how to store Christmas decorations and how to store Christmas ornaments: CLICK HERE

Seriously I hope that you find some of the ideas fun, helpful and interesting.

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