Christmas Tree Decorations


Lighting and decorating a Christmas tree is more than likely one the most important festive traditions to date. There are an abundance of Christmas tree decorations ideas out there. If you are stuck for ideas, why not visit local high street stores, or perhaps browse through a few ideas on the internet, there are plenty of pictures of Christmas trees decorated online. Alternatively this guide may offer some simple steps on where to start.

Christmas tree at home

Is a Pre-Lit or Decorated Tree For Me?

Many individuals prefer traditional christmas tree decorations. Nevertheless, there are always a handful of people who would opt for a pre-lit tree. First of all, if you’re planning on saving money this Christmas or perhaps you’re on a budget, it’s not recommend that you purchase a pre-lit tree. A pre-lit tree will unarguably cost you up to two or three times as much as a regular tree plus several lots of lights.

Even though pre-lit trees come with lights, they never seem to come with enough to make the tree appear bright. So you will sadly find yourself needing to add more strings of lights if you want your tree to begin to look festive; in which defeats the entire purpose of purchasing a pre-lit tree. Nevertheless, the lights on a pre-lit tree are notorious for break with alarming frequency. After just a few years, the delicate lights on your pre-lit won’t work and within a flash you’ve lost your festive investment.

Christmas Tree Decorations

White and Plain or Colored and Bold?

Using white lights on a Christmas tree often give it a washed-out appearance. Using bright colors can essentially make your tree look festive and bright for the holidays. If you’re not very decorating friendly, or have no desire to do it, you can turn your tree into something straight out of a festive postcard with a simple string of the multicolored lights.

Unlike white Christmas lights, multicolored ones can make your tree look festive and cheerful with ease.

It’s always a good idea to store spare bulbs separately and away from the sockets. The significantly reduces the risk of light bulbs breaking when putting up strings of lights and also helps prevent seasonal wear and tear. Having the lights already within the sockets can make it far more difficult to put up the string of lights, as you can run the risk of breaking a bulb.

Stock up on lights!

It’s recommended to always aim to purchase more strings of lights than you may necessary need. So, if you need two strings of lights, it’s often an idea to buy four for good measure. Even though there are many great brands of Christmas lights out there, no matter how durable they are, you can always expect at least one burnt out bulb during the holidays. So you will need to replace it. Typically, you should replace a burnt out bulb with another bulb of the same color. Having an additional string of lights to your disposal can allow for quick and easy replacement bulbs at your fingertips. Nevertheless, if you are unfortunate enough to experience an entire string of lights shorting out, you won’t have to panic as you’ll have backup string on standby! It’s most certainly better to have and not need rather than to need and not have.

And if all this light business is sparking a few ideas in mind, why not discover how to make christmas tree decorations? Handmade decorations add a real sense of homeliness to any festive display. Some are very easy to make and can be created from old bits of things that you have lying around the house waiting to be thrown out.