Christmas Star Window Decoration Light:DIY

How to do Christmas star window decoration light? Check out this Christmas decoration making tutorials video for window star and find out for yourself!

Christmas star window decoration light is an awesome way to decorate your Christmas window this year. To be more fun you can set your young ones around you and make a wonderful and enjoyable family evening. Star window lights can easily be bought almost anywhere, but if you DIY they will have that special Glow in your window for Christmas Holli days.

You will need: Thick Wire, Wire Cutters or Pliers, Thin Wire or Floral Wire, decorative string lights or led light string, Thick Thread or Dori, and that’s it. You can choose color of your Christmas star lights by picking different decorative string lights to make your Christmas star decorations unique.

Christmas Star Window Decoration Light
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Finished Christmas Star Window Decoration Light will certainly lift the friendly and festive atmosphere in your home.

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