Christmas Star Decorations

Awesome DIY Christmas star decorations video. How to make a Christmas Star Chandelier. Make Christmas Decoration Star Chandelier with paper stars from Ikea. It will glow through your Christmas window inviting the holly spirit of Christmas to your home.

Christmas Star Decorations Chandelier

This is a fantastic idea on how to get personalised Christmas decorations for this Holidays season. All you need to do is to get some paper stars from Ikea, little imagination and good will, and your perfect Christmas decoration is done.

Christmas stars are one of the most popular decorations among many, when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas. You can find unimaginable number of shapes and colors in every decent Christmas store. Although, with little extra effort you can make your own and unique outdoor Christmas star decoration. Or indoor. Depends on what you really need.

Christmas Star Decorations

Great thing about DIY Christmas decorations is that you can sit all family together and have fun doing it. In the video above is an original idea for Christmas stars decorations in a shape of a chandelier. You will need some hanging Christmas ornaments, paper stars, and LED Christmas lights.

Once you made a box out of plywood all you need to do is connect everything together. On the first it may look complicated but once you fix electrical stuff, everything else is easy. You can ask somebody to do electrical preparations for you and you can do the rest. Believe me it will be worth trying.

Beautiful chandelier will glow in your home and make one unforgettable Christmas feeling for you and your family. This will be Christmas Star Decorations in your own design.

Christmas Hanging Decoration Paper Star

Speller Star Lantern ,With LED Light ,23inch total, Hanging Decoration Paper Star Lam (silver)

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